About me page.

Hi! I'm John (Mad Scientist to my grandchildren),   - INJA -   is the tool where I exploit my hobbies and my professional abilities by researching whatever takes my fancy.

My productive interests include electronics and computing ( I have many software solutions in use around the world).

And at age 75 in 2019 I completed a cert3 in Web Site Development and have now put on hold studying for a diploma to concentrate on more DIY projects.

I have been a student of martial arts since 1960. I believe in a healthy mind, body and soul. (still working on the soul) 

Another of my interest is recumbent human powered vehicles, so I developed a Semi-Recumbent HPV for my own use.

I enjoy listening to a wide selection of music.

Now that you have met the person welcome to my site where I publish some of my successes.

From my interest in music I desired to own a true Ultra High Fidelity Sound system. There was nothing on the market that even came close to meeting my expectations.

The solution was to develop a system beyond all others, eight years later and after many failures, I finally produced a successful Sound system INJA 1 was born, it was unbelievably real, it felt as if I was at a live performance, I believe however that the output level would not meet the approval of most audiophiles.

INJA-1 will still remain the standard by which all other systems will be judged. I worked on and two years later the child INJA-2 was designed with an output level some 12db above INJA-1. I'll get back to that at a later date.

 I decided to put what I had learned from these two designs into the design of a current amp and INJA CA was born in many ways this surpasses both INJA-1 and INJ-2, Oh what a sideways jump can sometimes do,

At last my first product for market on which I am satisfied will meet the standards I wish to set for all products to carry the brand name   - INJA -    I have now designed speakers to take full advantage of my amplifier.

I have had no interest in my current feedback amplifier, So in an effort to promote a technology I developed more than 50 years ago I am releasing a DIY project.