New Projects Under Development

DIY kit Bookshelf Speaker Box

Already have built and tested prototype.

DIY kit My Professional speaker Boxes

These have been built and tested for many years.

DIY kit HHO Generator

Several tests completed on this one, prototype yet to be produced.

Battery solar DC system

I have this system installed in my home it turns on at dusk and off at dawn. I have 4000 Lumen in the front yard (since installing it I have had one attempt to break into my car the security images provided to the police and my neighbours were high res. colour - The gentleman showing an interest in my car is now with many like minded others, three meals a day but confined with no cars to break into).

Inside the house LED night lights also come on at the same time these are in bathrooms, Toilets, hallways, Kitchen and one over the house phone.

Also connected to this nightswitch via a door switch is a pantry light (much brighter than the night lights which are only intended to prevent you from walking into walls or other objects should you have the need to wander at night).

Most of the modules were off the shelf products but both the low and high powered current controllers were my own design so I need to offer kits for these.