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Speakers to suit 3.5 Watt Audio Current Amplifiers

With current drive speakers the tweeter and woofer are connected in series (see diagram).

This small design produces supprising bass responce.

The overall audio is a clean and realistic reproduction.

From Jaycar we get the speakers part CT-2007 & CW-2190 and the 6.8uF capacitor part RY6956.

From https://www.wagneronline.com.au the inductor part XLA0.39.

The speaker terminals are from Altronics part P 2017.

16mm MDF parts 1

16mm MDF parts 2

16mm MDF parts 3

16mm MDF parts all

Note:- The port is on the left of the right speaker and on the right of the left speaker.


assemble 1

Note:- The two 60mm Assembly spacers have both ends of the down side chamfered to prevent them from becoming glued in place. After the sides are glued in place a 60mm length of 12mm X 12mm pine Tri-Quad is glued in the bottom end of the port. This, combined with the chamfer on the inside of the port exit, smooths the air flow from the port.

assemble 2

assemble 3

assemble 4